Christopher Thorpe – Camp Ho-Ba-Chee

Individual Exhibit

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As the Crow Flies

Camp Ho-Ba-Chee
18 Main Street
Phone (705) 957 0193

W to Sat 10:30 am to 4:30 pm
Sun 11 am to 4:30 pm

Christopher Thorpe
Phone (705) 924 3313

I am an award winning mixed media artist with a distinguished career in the broad field of design and an arts education from NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art & Design). My artwork in the past has been both two and three dimensional, and is in collections across Canada. My current mixed media work focuses on presenting photography that more closely matches the way we see landscapes with our eyes. Perhaps mischievously, I embellish these scenes with soaring, hand painted crows.

My approach to image making is strongly influenced by the prominent British artist, David Hockney, whose studio was just up the road from where I once lived. I’m fascinated by his research and writings, regarding the impact of the camera/optical aids that, from the 15th century onward, spawned the single vanishing point approach which now dominates Western art.

My photographic landscapes are wide horizontals …. providing multiple vanishing points, approaching a truer realism. My Square series focus in on a single point of interest. The resultant photography is giclee printed on archival canvas, stretched and mounted in a shadow frame. At that stage I set to work with paints in my studio. Each picture is bought to life with frolicsome crows. For me it is most enthralling to imagine how they’d interact with the land forms in my compositions. Their playfulness bring my compositions to life.

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