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Student Individual Exhibit

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Nature’s Pure Beauty 3

The Stonehouse Hall
2195 Lansdowne Street
Phone (705) 745 8252


Greg Ramsay
Phone 7057991586

Artist’s Statement

My theme is Nature’s Pure Beauty for one simple reason: It’s the most literal yet honest name to reflect my environment. Beauty is all around me in some way shape, or form almost every day. Nearly every time I grab my camera and head out the door I can see examples immediately present, be they birds, bugs, flowers or otherwise. Even in winter, a season I personally have no use for, the world around me can seemingly transform in beautiful ways. Everything you will see here was taken at my home, a place truly in the country where nature can thrive and shine. Were it not for that environment I wouldn’t even have these pictures. So while this is a direct ode to nature it’s also an ode to the world directly around me. In each shot I did my best to do justice to that beauty. In each picture’s name I highlighted the positive traits I could see, both for the subject itself, and as a reflection of nature’s contribution. Those contributions ranged from adapting a creature to survive all the way to how two can care for one another in an unforgiving world. Though nature isn’t limited to just those contributions these examples are my way of appreciating them in the purest form: unaltered RAW photography. You read right, everything you’re seeing is real, no Photoshop, no filters, no fakery, just pure beauty captured straight from nature itself and displayed for your viewing pleasure. I’d like to maintain this as the theme of my specific exhibit.

With my work I try to convey the idea that great imagery depends on the photographer’s skills behind the camera, not what skill they have as an editor. I’m always thinking about and question whether I’ve done justice to the subject(s) of my images, but I do my best regardless. With all my imagery I try to communicate to my audience the simple yet ignored idea that everything and everyone is perfect as nature made them. Animals/landscapes don’t hide behind makeup and false faces. Hence why I feel they’re the best models. I find using directly exported JPEGS printed to glossy paper as a medium helps convey these ideas because it maintains my no editing stance while naturally reflecting the colours that make the subjects pop. I create my work primarily for my own enjoyment as a passion and hobby. My motivation is as always to better myself and my artistic style with practice.


I am a hobbyist photographer and have been since 2010. I’ve always had my love of photography but it didn’t really evolve into a major part of my life until I took a GNED course as part of my college semester called Digital Imagery which opened my mind to the wonder of DSLRs. Before that I was your average digital shooter with a little compact camera and a phone. When it came time for the course I trained on my dad's Nikon D50 and got my first DSLR - the D7100 in late 2013. I primarily shoot subjects such as flowers and birds, but will shoot anything that happens to interest me at the time. I prefer shooting macro though I’ve no aversion to shooting portraiture or anything else at this time. I just enjoy shooting overall, the subject itself is secondary to the experience of photography itself, and my efforts to do said subject justice.

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