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Mammals & Reptiles From Around the World

My favourite magazine when growing up (it still is today) was National Geographic. In my wanders around the world I realize I have been strongly influenced by the skilled photographers that brought me the “big Five” from Africa, caribou and moose from Canada, Asian water buffalos, South American lizards, tortoises from the Galapagos, alligators from Florida, polar bears from the Arctic, and whales from the Antarctic. (OK, from everywhere)

My theme this year will present some of my favourite images from the animal kingdom (versus plants, fungi, bacteria, etc.) specifically animals designated as vertebrates (versus the phylum invertebrates, arthropods, etc.) and focusing on the two classes designated as mammals and reptiles.

There are over 5000 species of mammals (which includes carnivores, e.g. lions and bears; cetaceans, e.g. whales, dolphins; marsupials, e.g. kangaroos; artiodactyla, e.g. camels, antelopes; perissodactyla, e.g. rhinos, horses; rodents and small animals) and 10,000 species of reptiles (turtles, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, etc.) My selection of just over 40 photos is rather modest, but does reflect my attempt to explore the possibilities.

While it is a greater challenge to photograph wild animals, I find it also interesting to capture good images of domesticated animals, such as horse, camels, sheep, cattle, etc., and I’ll include some of these in the exhibit. Fun fact: approximately 25 animal species are domesticable.

In previous SPARK exhibits I have presented images from other animal classes, both birds and fish (and the underwater world). In pursuing these images, a delightful thing happens. As one gets to know more and more about the subject, that knowledge begets admiration – a great outcome from the process of creating photography.

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