SPARK Newcomer Children’s Photography Project

Community Exhibit

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Brant Basics
296 George Street North, Second Floor
Phone (705) 748 2291

M to F 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Sat 10 am to 5 pm

The Newcomer Children’s Photography Project began in July 2016 and this year, wraps with a SPARK/New Canadians Centre community exhibit.

The project is designed to inspire young people to explore and connect with Canadian culture, language, and the environment through hands-on photographic instruction and activity.

Each child was loaned a camera to record their activities, friends and family, or any other subject they are interested in documenting.
The children and their parents received instruction in camera operation, basic photographic principles and composition, and visual literacy by SPARK volunteers during a four-week summer camp.

After the summer, the group met once a month to review the most recent photos they had taken.

A preview of this exhibit was also shown during ReFrame.

The project will continue with a second summer camp scheduled to start in July, 2017.


  • Carol Lawless, NCC, Peterborough
  • Abeer Al-Salihi, NCC, Peterborough/Cobourg
  • Robert Boudreau, Erin Burke, SPARK
  • Dan Boudreau, Reau-Bot Productions, Videographer
  • Simon Bell, Focus on Nature, Guelph, for sharing teaching methodologies & FON instructor training
  • Mike Bolan, Doc Filmmaker, for his generous donation of over 60 used frames and glass
  • City of Peterborough,
  • Municipal Immigration Project Grant

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