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Look at Things Differently

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Thomas S. Stewart Secondary School: Digital Photography
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Students embark upon an exploration of traditional and alternative photography and darkroom techniques, as they explore the world through the camera lens.
The images they make embody the spirit of the beginning and end of a five-month relationship - their first experience of a pinhole camera - and culminates with what they consider their best work.

Students first work with a cardboard box, making a pinhole image (oddly, not being able to see through the lens at all!). What emerges is a surprise, an initial realization of their search for interesting subjects full of contrast and natural design.

Subsequently, upon experiencing reality through the viewfinder of a 35mm camera, they navigate their way through a world of image and sensation, gaining greater autonomy and more fully informed control over the final photographic product.

Look at Things Differently suggests the notion of going on an adventure, a discovery of the world, a searching out of the extraordinary in the ordinary, arriving at a place, coming out on the other side with newly discovered vision, experience and confidence.

Ultimately, students emerge from the film photography class having observed, absorbed and processed the potential unconventional beauty of a street corner, an abandoned yard or a secluded figure with a newfound understanding of the form, content and significance of the everyday.

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