2024 Festival Map

Welcome to our 2024 Interactive Exhibit Map, powered by Toureka!

Scroll below the map for instructions to navigate and discover all 26 SPARK Exhibits.

Take SPARK with you on the go!

Experience the joy of discovery!

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  • Use the + icon to zoom in to see more detail, use the – icon to zoom out to see a bigger area.
  • Click and hold your mouse on the map and drag to move the map around. Unclick to stop movement. The red point markers indicate a SPARK exhibit location. Click on a marker and a pop-up will show the exhibit title, location and a sample image.
    In the pop-up: Click on the i for operating hours and venue contact information.
    Click on the directional arrow to open Google Maps and get driving directions to that location.
    To close that exhibit, click the X and you’ll return to the main map.
  • To see exhibits on the map by photography style, use the category bubbles at the top of the map. Click on a category to “toggle” (the category will be shaded purple); the exhibits with images in that category will now show on the map. You can click multiple categories at one time.
  • To see all exhibits again, to "untoggle”, click on the category bubble; the purple will disappear.
  • To view other category bubbles, click and hold on the bubble on the right and slide to the left. More bubbles will appear. To move them back, click and hold and slight to the right.