Shirlanne Pawley-Boyd – Light the SPARK: Emerging Artist 2023

Shirlanne Pawley-Boyd – Mount Edith Cavell

Light the SPARK: Emerging Artists Exhibit
SPARK Photo Festival Exhibit

Peterborough Public Library; lower foyer
345 Aylmer St N
Phone 705 745.5382

Mon to Fri: 10 am – 8 pm
Sat & Sun: 10 am – 5 pm

Light the SPARK: Emerging Artist

Shirlanne Pawley-Boyd

Instagram @gardengirl440

Shirlanne Pawley-Boyd’s exhibit is sponsored by The Dennis Group Inc.

Land & Water

Shirlanne Pawley-Boyd has lived in Peterborough most of her life with periods of time spent living in Toronto and Vancouver. She and her husband, Stephen, have two sons, Nick and Cameron, who for many years kept their parents busy as supporters while they pursued athletic endeavours. For over three decades Shirlanne has been a professional fundraiser working for organizations in the Education, Health Care and Arts & Culture sectors. Her passion for photography, gained while attending college, was put on hold while she focused on family and work priorities. Now as an “empty-nester” Shirlanne has picked her camera up again with a re-ignited spark for capturing what surrounds her and brings joy.

Artist Statement
I have always loved taking photos. Be it in my own backyard, on a hike or kayaking in the region I live or in my travels further afield. The images I capture are those that bring me joy and illustrate my appreciation for the wonders of nature.

During the pandemic I gained an appreciation for mindfulness and living more in the moment, and this has translated into actively seeking opportunities to quietly observe the world in which we live, while immersing myself in the beauty that surrounds us.

Through this immersion, I have gained an appreciation for looking back at my photos and specifically at how the images I capture change when observing them from different perspectives – on land, on water, from a distance or up close … hence the theme of my exhibit Land & Water.

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