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Individual Exhibit

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Alypsis Inc.
686 Crown Drive
Phone 705 749.1894

M to Th 9 am to 5 pm
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Andy Christopher
Phone 705 749.1894

At its best photographic art is of two minds: in the first instance it is a faithful record of physical reality while striving to transcend that reality. The first part of this equation is rooted in technique, namely, choice and framing of subject matter, sensors, lenses and digital editing. Mastering all of these elements is hard enough but transcendence of subject puts this game on an unpredictable playing field. Transcendence or “equivalence” as elucidated by Alfred Stieglitz and more eloquently by Minor White is the ability of the image to illicit an elevated mood or feeling that goes beyond subject matter. Our response need not be definable or quantifiable but will entail a sense of “awe”. Transcendence in photographic art parallels what poetry is to prose. And like poetry it can only be bestowed not manufactured.

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