Anita Erschen-Pappas – Chasing the Cheese 2020

Individual Exhibit

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Title: Anita Erschen-Pappas Detour

Chasing the Cheese
330 Charlotte St
Phone 705-775-0525

Monday to Friday 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday 9 am – 5 pm

Anita Erschen-Pappas



The intersection between analog and digital photography provides me with a detour from technique, composition, and post-production, into new avenues. Sometimes a detour is presented with an opportunity to explore the road ahead that leads into another pathway.

With the use of film and digital cameras, I explore landscapes, nature and human interaction. Both literal and abstract approaches are part of the creative process. In recent years, I have also focused on events and portraiture.

I am thrilled to display a solo show for this year’s festival. This is my sixth SPARK exhibit (two solo shows at Pappas Billiards in Peterborough, and three group shows with the Peterborough Photographic Society). Other solo exhibits have also occurred in Peterborough.

Based in Peterborough, Ontario, Erschen-Pappas Photography will be launching this year, that will provide clients with services in portraiture, events, and other photographic projects.

Hope you enjoy the exhibit at Chasing the Cheese on Charlotte Street, downtown Peterborough.

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