Aspire Program: John Howard Society of Peterborough 2019

Community Exhibit

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Title: Aspire Program: John Howard Society of Peterborough What we see.

Aspire Program
John Howard Society of Peterborough

305 Stewart Street
Phone 705 743.8331

M | Tu | Th 9 am to 5:30 pm
All other days closed

Thursday April 18
6:30 to 8:30 pm

Aspire is a mentorship program that supports youth (ages 17-25) in achieving training and employment success through a variety of interactions with mentors. We believe that through leadership opportunities, engagement in our community and the chance to connect with other community members in a positive way, our participants are better prepared to navigate the challenges of career development.

Several of our participants have come together through a love of taking pictures and with the mentorship of local photographer, Heather Doughty, have met regularly to explore photography and develop their skills. The result is this amazing exhibit.

Our theme; “What we see” allows us to peer through the lens of each photographer, while recognizing that each of our participants comes to Aspire with different perspectives and experiences. Their passion for photography has led these young adults to carry a camera around with them capturing moments that allow them to communicate aspects of their daily realities that we would never otherwise see. Some of the images are candid, taken in a flash of inspiration, while others are more traditionally staged. The wide variety of subject matter displayed gives us a glimpse into how each person sees and understands their world.

We are very grateful to Heather Doughty Photography for both her ongoing mentorship and generously sponsoring our submission to this festival. Big thanks also to photographer Jason Warren (@lynxtalon) for volunteering his time with the program.

Aspire is a program at the John Howard Society, in partnership with Employment Planning & Counselling and Trent Valley Literacy Association.

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