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Maternal Instincts

Frame It For U
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Barbara Callander
Rolling Hills Photography
Phone (647) 294 8609

As a wildlife photographer with a passion to educate through my images and rooted in my fascination with the Canadian North, this year I continued my quest to bring awareness of northern species at risk, venturing into the interior BC’s Chilcotin region in search of BC Grizzlies.

On the inland lea of the Coastal Mountains, bordered by the Fraser River and known to the Chilcotin people as Red Ochre River, the Chilko River and Lake region is the largest natural, high elevation, freshwater lake in North America. Western Hemlock, Red Cedar and old growth Douglas Fir stand like sentinels, protecting herds of Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Mule Deer and Bears. Ravaged by wildfires and under pressure from declining salmon stocks, the Grizzly Bears persevere, arriving at the Chiko River in the fall. Drawn by the salmon run, Grizzlies build energy for their winter hibernation, lasting up to 7 months. Born during hibernation, cubs are sightless and hairless relying on their mother’s energy reserves to sustain life.

Calm around people unless startled or threatened, I had the privilege to observe a mother Grizzly and her 3 cubs, sharing in their daily routine of play, sniffing the air to sense possible danger with a keen sense of smell and fishing for nutrient rich salmon. Like young siblings, I watched as the cubs tussled, squabbled and rumbled, chastised by their mother for falling behind or stealing her dinner.

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