Barbara Callander – Ashburnham Ale House 2019

Individual Exhibit

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Title: Barb Callander Bear Necessities

Ashburnham Ale House
128 Hunter St E
Phone 705 874.0333

M to F 11 am to 11 pm
Sat & Sun 9 am to 11 pm

Barbara Callander
Rolling Hills Photography
Phone (647) 294 8609

Sunday April 14
3 to 5 pm

Barb Callander is a Manitoba born wildlife photographer living in the Kawartha’s. She frequents remote locations photographing at risk wildlife in their natural environment. Barb’s work has been published in Canadian Geographic and Canadian Wildlife Federation on-line publications. She has exhibited her work at the City of Kawartha Lakes City Hall, SPARK, the Victoria County and Rolling Hills Studio Tours and publishes an annual wildlife calendar to raise funds for World Wildlife Fund Canada.

Her fascination with apex predators continues with a journey north of the 58th parallel to Katmai National Park in search of the Alaskan Brown Bear.

She waits patiently on the riverbank, her cubs trailing behind distracted by a branch, a bug, a bird. Her keen eye focused on the strong current, nose continually testing the air for signs of danger. A flash of red breaks the surface, a blur of fur and spray springs into action. The salmon scatter. The mother bear moves with the speed of a thoroughbred racehorse and the agility of a cheetah. She emerges victorious, head dripping and salmon gasping. It’s a life and death battle for survival north of the 58th parallel.

In one of the harshest environments in the world, the tundra is alive. Devoid of trees, you’re greeted by a vast expanse of sedges, grass, lichen and berries. Rivers are teeming with salmon returning to spawn and Alaskan Brown Bears building their energy stores before their winter hibernation.

As the drone of the single engine Beaver fades in the distance you’re left standing alone on the riverbank with a sense of wonder. You feel small in the vast expanse, sharing the landscape with caribou and brown bears. As a wildlife photographer it’s heaven on earth.

Join me at Ashburnham Ale House for a window into Katmai National Park and the wildlife that patrol her boundaries.

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