Cassandra DeFrancesco | Victoria Durrett | Rishabh Sarswat – Trent Student Centre 2019

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Title: Cassandra DeFrancesco | Victoria Durrett | Rishabh Sarswat Trent University

Trent Student Centre
1680 W Bank Dr
Phone 705 748.1011 x6172

Daily 7:30 am to 11 pm

Wednesday April 10
4 to 6 pm

Cassandra DeFrancesco
Kawartha Lakes
Website cassiedphotos

Victoria Durerett

Rishabh Sarswat

We are a group of graduate students in the Environmental and Life Sciences program at Trent University. Our common interests in science and photography brought us together to present our works showcasing primarily nature and photographs from around the world.

Cassandra DeFrancesco
Cassandra picked up her first camera at the age of 12. Since then, her passion for photography grew. She fell in love with capturing moments that are no longer with us but evoke emotion when viewed upon again. Cassandra enjoys capturing the details of everyday life by using macro photography to larger scale landscape photography. You won’t find a shortage of flower or golden hour shots in her photographs.

Victoria Durrett
Victoria (Tori) recently relocated to Ontario from New Hampshire where she first started experimenting with nature photography. She specializes in close-up and single subject photography and pulls her inspiration from the diverse mountain landscapes of New England. She especially loves photographing flowers and animals.

Rishabh Sarswat
Rishabh was born in Muzaffarnagar, India. He has been working as an Environmental Scientist for the last 10 years in India, South Korea, and now in Canada. He is a Yoga and meditation practitioner and is always fascinated with the colours of nature. His growing up and breathing eastern world reflects, as first thing people notice in his work are the colours. The themes in most of his work are natural landscapes with human presence. He wants to convey the spirituality, colours and emotions he has been a witness of. Science can be overwhelming at times, and he finds therapy in expressing by photography.

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