Christopher Thorpe – META4 Contemporary Craft Gallery 2019

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Title: Christopher Thorpe Curves

META4 Contemporary Craft Gallery
164 Hunter Street W
Phone 705 874.9444

M noon to 5 pm
Tu to Sat 10 am to 5 pm
Sun noon to 4 pm

Closed On
F April 19
Sun April 21
M April 22

Christopher Thorpe
‘round the bend’ Studio
Phone (705) 924 3313

Reception & Events
Friday April 5
6 to 10 pm
Free Photography activity in the studio
Sunday April 14
2 to 4 pm
Free Photography activity in the studio

My artwork is different. I currently paint on canvas that is giclée printed with my photographic compositions. My subject is crows in our rural environment.

Most of my landscapes feature curves or waves. This goes a long way back for me. I was introduced to yacht racing as a 6 year old sailing the long gentle (sometimes turbulent) waves of the North Sea. These environs were repeated in the undulating landscapes of the Yorkshire Wolds that surrounded our home. I’d often take walks through woodland with their rookeries. Those crows intrigued me… I wished I could get closer and befriend one. With my passion for sailing I later pursued performance yacht design which is all about curves. Many of my furniture pieces just happen to feature curvatures. The rolling hills around my Warkworth home bring me comforting joy.

Influenced by the thinking of David Hockney and his paintings of the Yorkshire Wolds (and his frustration with Western Art being dedicated to a single vanishing point – thanks to the camera obscura back in the 15th century – see his “Secret Knowledge”) I merge together multiple photographs, thus generating multiple vanishing points, I print on museum quality canvas in a broad horizontal format – to match how our two horizontal eyes scan a landscape. Once printed and mounted I get out my brushes and enhance these canvasses with crows.

In addition to the satisfaction of leaving my painted personal mark, the crows, which also have curved flight paths, really bring my pictures to life.

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