Craig Dickens – Colborne Street Gallery 2024

Individual Exhibit

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Craig Dickens Cape Town

Colborne Street Gallery
36 Colborne St
Fenelon Falls
Phone 705 887.0997

Gallery Hours
Exhibit: March 28 to May 5, 2024

Mon to Sat: 10 am to 5 pm
Sun: Closed
Please note the gallery is closed Friday, March 29, 2024, for Good Friday.

For information about the artist, contact Darcie Kennedy

Reception and Artist Talk
Thursday, April 11th, 5 to 7 pm

Craig Dickens

Cape Town

This series of photographs was shot in Cape Town, South Africa, my first trip back since immigrating to Canada 36 years ago. Each of these buildings is in Bo-Kaap, formerly known as the Malay Quarter under the Apartheid Regime. Compared to the rest of the city, this neighbourhood has always been the most vibrant; dwellings teeming with brilliant colours and contrasting palettes as a way to celebrate the lifting of restrictions on home ownership by non-whites.

Standing in front of the houses, I had the sensation that I could taste every colour; limes were vibrating, reds made my heart beat faster. I felt these colours with my whole body before I released the shutter. When I look at the photos now, I relive the sensations that compelled me to capture the image in the first place. This is what excites me about photography; the ability to pause a moment forever by finding the still frame in a world that doesn’t stop.


Craig Dickens was born in Cape Town, South Africa and immigrated to Canada at age seven. By the time he turned 14, he had also lived in Thailand and Malaysia, and had visited India, Hong Kong, and England. Exposure to cultures that celebrate the vibrancy of life during these formative years solidified his love of imagery, colour, and composition. Returning to Canada and settling in Scarborough, Dickens was encouraged to seek out his high school’s photography program under the supportive guidance of Ms. Audra Nobel. It was there that Dickens began to explore the technical aspects of photography and processing techniques in a traditional darkroom setting.

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