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Cydnee Hosker
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Cydnee Hosker has been working in art education in the Peterborough area for 30 years. Although she has primarily been involved in secondary school visual arts education, she has provided workshops in the community and has taught at Sir Sandford Fleming College.

Cydnee considers herself a painter. She has been a part of several group and solo shows in the area and has exhibited her work at various cafes, shops and galleries including ARTSPACE, The Art Gallery of Peterborough and The Hamilton Gallery of Art.

Eight years ago, she found herself standing at the front of a photography class for the first time. Although it was a challenge, it quickly became a labour of love. The result of this new found relationship sparked her fascination with alternative photographic processes. The cyanotype, pinhole, caffenol, and polariod transfers are some such processes that enable a seamless connection to other avenues of expression through image manipulation and the fine arts.

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