David Bigg – By The Bridge 2020

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Title: David Bigg University of Ottawa - Still Life

By The Bridge
382 Water St
Email justbridget@outlook.com
Website www.bythebridge.co

Tuesday to Friday 10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Tuesday to Friday 10:30 am - 3 pm
Saturday: 11 am - 2 pm

David Bigg
Phone 705-876-8536
Email biggdavid28@gmail.com
Instagram instagram.com/mckeybigg
Website www.davidbiggphotography.com


David Bigg is a photographer, visual artist and musician. He graduated from the Peterborough Integrated Arts Program at Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School in 2017 and now studies fine art at the University of Ottawa. He has shown at a variety of venues, including Gallerie 115 in Ottawa, The Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts, Artspace, Black’s Distillery, The Ashburnham Alehouse, and By the Bridge.

Learning about film photography through a course offered at his high school, and through his own experiments with his grandfather’s old OM-1 camera, David quickly became fascinated with the cameras and techniques of times past. His collection of vintage cameras and gear continues to grow - most recently an 1891 Bausch and Lomb Aplanat lens and a 1920 Auto Graflex SLR camera; learning to refurbish equipment like this has taught him many interesting skills. As well, David continues his research into shooting and developing techniques from ages past, while combining them with digital editing and printing techniques in a way that is wholly new.

Recently he has begun a business offering vintage portraits to those who recognize that the “perfection” offered by digital images lacks much of the depth and character achieved by film photography.

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