Geoff Fitzgerald – Colborne Street Gallery 2019

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Title: Geoff Fitzgerald The Swimming Pools

Colborne Street Gallery
44 Colborne St
Fenelon Falls
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Geoff Fitzgerald
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Saturday April 13
2 to 5 pm

Colborne Street Gallery proudly presents Geoff Fitzgerald’s The Swimming Pools, a selection of photographs documenting public pools across Toronto, Hamilton and Oakville. The swimming pool has been a source of inspiration for many artists. Matisse made a work titled The Swimming Pool in 1952, Hockney began painting his famous pools in the 1960s, and Edward Ruscha’s first book project in colour, Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass, was printed in 1968.

Oozing with vibrant colours and a boldness typical of summer days, these images of a fleeting moment in the hot sun, also project the uncanny. One of Ruscha’s pools shows wet footsteps running off the diving board, yet no figures are present. It’s slightly off-putting. In a similar way, Fitzgerald has shot his photographs from an altered perspective; the bird’s eye view. His pools do not depict sparkling blue water and splashes in the sun, they are taken in the off-season; devoid of people and the warm tone of summer. They are empty, almost abandoned with a certain unease. Fitzgerald’s awareness and exploration of formal qualities combined with striking composition invites you to consider these spaces anew.

Fitzgerald is an award winning, Toronto-based freelance commercial and editorial photographer. He has worked with various clients including the Fairmont Hotels, Canadian Geographic, Ryerson University, and Habitat for Humanity. His most recent exhibition was held at Hashtag Gallery in Toronto in the Fall of 2018.

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