Greg Burke – Peterborough Farmer’s Market

Individual Exhibit

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Peterborough Farmer’s Market
Morrow Building
136 Lansdowne Street

5 Saturdays in April
7 am to 1 pm

Greg Burke
Phone (705) 748 6251

Commit to Memory

While memories and one’s memory can prove to be unreliable, images, regardless of time passed, often remain vividly familiar. In the case of photographs, we are ultimately looking to the past. Photographs give us something to hold on to and show us what we have chosen to remember. Somehow, for that instant, as one steps behind the lens of a camera and makes the decision of what to frame within the viewfinder and what single instance to release their finger on the shutter release, they are in complete control of what this reality should be and how it will continue to be relived through the reinforcement of memory. Perhaps there is an image here that evokes in you a souvenir of the past.

This year marks my fifth year as a SPARK exhibitor and will be exhibiting for five Saturday’s in April.

Artist Statement

I purchased my first serious camera in 1980 and began a journey which continues to combine the mind’s eye of a curious observer with a passion for the natural world.
Regardless as to how I capture an image, it is the sense of satisfaction that is achieved through the sheer enjoyment of the adventure and challenge of accessing and entering a scene as observer. Photography has given this “escape artist” a way out.

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