Heather Doughty – 129 1/2 Studio 2022

Individual Exhibit

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Title: Heather Doughty - Big Yellow Taxi

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Heather Doughty
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Heather Doughty

Big Yellow Taxi

They took all the trees, and put ‘em in a tree museum
And they charged the people a dollar and a half to see them
No, no, no
Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you got 'til it's gone
They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot

~ Joni Mitchell 

Humans and nature have always been interconnected but as time passes this connection seems to be weakening. In this collaborative project photographer Heather Doughty and interpretive dancer Madison Sheward worked together to explore and capture our connection to the world around us. Through the use of Intentional Camera Movement and Slow Shutter Speeds some of the images blur the lines between the dancer and the world, while other traditional captures use the beauty of light and nature to tell the dancer's story.

This exhibit is printed on handmade plant fibre paper and photo transferred using encaustic medium onto sustainably sourced birch bark. The textures of the materials used to create the exhibit help to create another layer of connection between the images and the environment.

Come and view this uniquely beautiful exhibit and marvel in the incredible world we live in.


Heather Doughty was born and raised in rural Peterborough County. From a very early age she developed a passion for photography and a love of nature. Through the development of her craft, Heather learned that her images could become visual storytellers and this has led to a lifelong passion for sharing the stories from our communities as well as giving a voice to the nature around us. Heather is the proud founder and creator of INSPIRE: The Women's Portrait Project and Day of The Girl Project and has been featured in several photo magazines.

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