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Heather Doughty - Ontario Society of Artists
 - Ghost In The Room

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Heather Doughty
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Ghost In The Room
Heather Doughty - Ontario Society of Artists

Artist Statement

In our society, ageism is a widespread issue that often goes unnoticed. We live in a youth-centric world where aging women often feel invisible. However, it's important to remind ourselves that beauty knows no age limit. Older women are just as beautiful as their younger counterparts, and it's time we celebrate that.

Society has long equated youth with beauty. We are bombarded with images of young, flawless faces all around us. But let's not forget that beauty comes in different forms and ages. The lines on a woman's face or the gray strands of hair are not imperfections to hide, but rather subtle reminders of a life well-lived.

The Ghost In The Room Exhibit is a statement that it's time to shift our perspective and recognize that aging should not be seen as a flaw but as a testament to the strength and resilience of every woman. Age brings with it a unique wisdom, grace, and beauty that is unmatched. It's not about trying to turn back the clock; it's about embracing the present moment and seeing the beauty in it.  The models for Ghost In The Room range in age from 40 years to 80 plus.

This exhibit encourages you to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of our ghosts, the wisdom gleaming from their eyes, and the beauty that radiates from within. Let's celebrate the power and beauty of women at this stage of life, and remember that no one should ever disappear with age.

The Ghost In The Room is a collaborative exhibit between photographer Heather Doughty, Dan Joyce Clothing, Illumeroom and Beauty by Leigh.

Artist Bio

Heather grew up as an only child living in a rural area. To escape the loneliness of that lifestyle she created imaginary worlds filled with strange and fascinating characters. She was given her first camera by her father at the age of five and was immediately captivated by this new world that existed within the photos. With the sudden loss of her father at the age of 10, the child Heather turned to family photos of her father to return to moments of time that they shared together and help her process through her loss. The power of a photographic image to create a window into a world where the viewer could experience emotion and relive memories ultimately became the driving force in her creativity.

Heather’s process today is heavily influenced in the use of light by the Dutch Masters; Rembrandt and Vermeer, as well as the work of photographic storytelling pioneers Henri Cartier-Bresson, Saul Leiter, and Sam Abell. Heather employs a voyeuristic perspective of the decisive moment, painted with light and shadow to craft multi-layered, storytelling images. Her deeply personal works that often use humans as the main character range from singular commentaries on social issues to stolen moments of time infused with her trademark quirky humour. Heather pushes herself to create painterly photographs; enjoying the reaction of viewers who cannot decide whether they are viewing a realism painting or a photograph.

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