Heather Doughty – Studio 5 – 2023

Individual Exhibit

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Heather Doughty - The Summer of '75

129 1/2 Studio / Studio 5
Commerce Building
129 1/2 Hunter Street West
Phone 705-957-0808

Tues, Wed, Thurs: 10:30 am - 2:00 pm
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*Open Friday, April 7: 5 :30 pm - 9:30 pm* 

Heather Doughty
Phone 705-957-0808
Email heatherdoughtyphotography@gmail.com
Website www.heatherdoughtyphotography.com
Instagram instagram.com/heatherdoughtyphotography

Frist Friday Art Crawl
Friday, April 7, 2023
5 :30 pm - 9:30 pm

The Summer of ‘75

This project is still in development.


A granddaughter home for the holidays is tasked with the job of clearing out her recently departed grandmother’s overflowing storage unit. Frustrated and annoyed, she begins the seemingly endless task of sorting through storage totes, cardboard boxes, bags and other items barely pausing to look twice at the items as she disperses them between the recycle, donate and garbage piles. That is, until she happens upon a beat-up shoe box, its lid secured with twine. About to toss it into the garbage pile, she becomes intrigued by the rustling noises coming from inside as she moves the box back and forth. She opens the lid to discover piles of dusty photos and a worn diary with the warning “Private”. Sitting down on an upturned milk crate, she begins to explore this box of memories and discovers a grandmother she never knew existed.

The Summer of ‘75 explores the concept of memories, of stories and of our legacy.

Heather Doughty Bio

Heather has spent most of her life with a camera in her hand. Her first camera: a Brownie Hawkeye, was given to her by her father at the young age of 5. Although the images were abstract at best, these images sparked her desire to "capture the feelings of things". Ironically, her father passed away only 5 years later thus cementing her love of a medium that can capture and hold the emotions and connections that make up a person's story.

Driven by the loss of her father, Heather faithfully recorded her own family moments all the while exploring her desire to create and share her voice through art. Her work is a mixture of analog and digital photography that is often developed using alternative processing techniques. In 2018, Heather founded INSPIRE: The Women's Portrait Project which is a photographic voice project celebrating women and nonbinary individuals.

Heather's images speak to the feelings and essences that things possess; they draw the viewer in and share an intimate story with you and, hopefully, leave a touch of kindness on your heart.

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