Highland Road for Kids, for All

Student Group

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Exhibit Title: Highland Road for Kids, for All

Highland Heights PS
430 Highland Rd

Carolyn Ross
Email carolyn-ross@kprdsp.ca
Laura Keresztesi
Drew Beaton Principal

Photos can be viewed from outside the school.

Thursday April 5
3.25 pm (end of school day)

Highland Road for Kids, for All
In partnership with the NeighbourPLAN project and GreenUP a group of senior kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 students from Highland Heights Public School take a closer look at their community.

Highland Heights has a long-standing tradition of extending classroom programming into the nearby nature of Jackson Park. While regular walking trips through Jackson Park continue to be an integral part of school programs, the intersection at Fairbairn Street and Highland Road proves to be unsafe for groups of students wishing to cross the road to access the park. Through the use of photography and collage, students have come together to re-imagine what this intersection, and the surrounding area might look like with the addition of a variety of environmental and built features (i.e, a crosswalk with lights at Fairbairn and Highland, more trees, tire swings, etc.)

We are a group of 40 students (5,6,7 and 8 year olds) who love our community! While walking through our neighbourhood and taking photographs we were able to discuss the things that we love about our neighbourhood, as well as the things we would like to change. We are excited to share our ideas for the future with you!

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