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Jim Babbage and Stephanie Lake - The Creative Drive

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Jim Babbage
Email jim@jimbabbage.ca
Website jimbabbage.photography
Instagram instagram.com/jimbabbage

Stephanie Lake
Email stephanie.lake@sympatico.ca
Website stephanielakephotography.myportfolio.com/
Instagram instagram.com/stephanielakephotography

The Creative Drive

What moves someone to make a photograph? What is the impetus behind the decision to stop and grab your camera and then … wait … for that perfect, defining moment? What compels a photographer to visit the same location, over and over, at different times of year, planning to capture that scene when it is ready to tell its best story?

The answer to these questions is in the intrinsic creative drive of that photographer.

In this joint exhibition from Jim Babbage and Stephanie Lake, the decision was made to reproduce all images on canvas, all at the same dimensions, to help the viewer see beyond the frame and into the scene itself, to see more clearly what we as photographers saw at the moment of capture, to see what drives us as photographers.

Why, out of dozens or hundreds of photos, are certain ones chosen for printing or for an exhibition? We encourage to view these photographs and see if you, too can answer that question. Through these carefully curated images and accompanying short stories, Jim and Stephanie hope you can gain an insight into the elusive “why.”








Jim Babbage

Jim Babbage


I fell in love with photography just over 4 decades ago The summer before I started journalism school, my father gave me my first 35mm camera as a graduation present. It was a simple, manual 35mm film camera and it went everywhere with me. An entirely new world had just opened up in front of me. A world where I could share what I saw and how I felt.

After college, my passion to share knowledge and make photographs led me to long-lasting careers in those areas as both a college professor and creative professional. Several years into my professional photographic career, I launched Photoshop for the first time and once again, a new world opened to me. I became immersed in the world of digital, and soon began designing for the web in addition to taking photographs, teaching and writing. I loved the control that digital cameras and tools gave me over my vision.

Photography is as much therapy for me as it is a creative outlet. In recent years, our #FortressofModerateSolitude on Rice Lake has been an inspiration for me. You’ll see many photos in this exhibition from the Kawartha region.

I’ve been fortunate over the past few years, having several of my images sell through physical exhibits like Spark as well as through stock photography services. Knowing that someone is willing to part with their hard-earned income to take home one of my works gives me a true sense of satisfaction and joy.

Stephanie Lake

Stephanie Lake


My dad loved taking travel photos. He bought me my first camera as a young teen and from then I saw the world through the lens. I realized photography was going to be my profession when I started taking photos of moments with strangers, friends, animals and anything that looked good to me.

I was lucky enough to be given a break in my late teens to freelance for the North York Mirror. This was invaluable to the start of my career, as I had to learn how to photograph just about everything from hockey to events indoors to portraits.

My professional career over the last 40 years has included many clients with much of my work for Canadian Press Images. As a freelance event and portrait photographer, I never had to take a break from my passion.

Travel photos for me can be a step away from the house or a car or plane ride away.

My travels in the last 3 years have been focused on close to home and Kawartha cottage new to us. I’m so glad to have to opportunity to be re-inspired by the years of travel from local camping to Europe and Alaska and share my memorable views.

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