Jim Babbage – Elmhirst’s Resort 2021

Individual Exhibit

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Title: Jim Babbage, Through My Eyes

Elmhirst's Resort
1045 Settler Line
Keene, Ontario
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M to Sun 8 am to 8 pm
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Jim Babbage
Website jimbabbage.photography
Instagram instagram.com/jimbabbage
Website www.flickr.com

Friday, September 10, 6 pm – 8 pm

Jim Babbage, Lens-Based Artist

I fell in love with photography nearly 4 decades ago, the summer before I started journalism school, when my father gave me his first 35mm camera as a graduation present. It was a simple camera; it didn’t even have a built-in light meter. I didn’t care; an entirely new world had just opened up in front of me.

After college, my passion to share knowledge and make photographs led me to long-lasting careers in those areas as both a college professor and creative professional. Several years into my professional photographic career, I opened Photoshop for the first time and once again, a new world opened up for me. I became immersed in the world of digital, and soon began designing for the web in addition to taking photographs, teaching and writing.

Photography is as much therapy for me as it is a creative outlet.

Theme – Through My Eyes

Photographer Freeman Patterson inspired me as a young photographer and continue to do so. His statement, “A camera always looks both ways,” from his book, Shadowlight has stayed with me all these years. And this show reflects that observation. A good portion of the work here is from the past 5 years photographing the Kawartha region, but I have also selected photographs from other places and times that tell a story – or – invite the viewer to create one.

To see more of my work or to contact me, snap the QR Code with your phone to take you to my website.

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