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Kate Grierson
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Saturday April 7
2 to 3:30 pm

My SPARK exhibit images have all been taken in mainland Australia and Tasmania during caravan travels over the past three Canadian winters. This past season was spent exclusively in Tasmania.

There is a certain nostalgic feel for me in Australia and very especially in Tasmania. In fact, I found a time and place reminiscent of my childhood in the 50’s and 60’s in Peterborough. Communities we explored were typically small and unhurried; businesses were often mom and pop; cars were infrequent and people unfailingly open and helpful.

The surrounding landscape was expansive and beautiful, sometimes with great undulating hills of pasture and forest, sometimes with plains revealing endless skies. Enormous stretches were undeveloped. This all felt evocative to me – a time half remembered.

As a developing photographer, I have learned that to truly see the elements of design and beauty, which surround us all, requires the present moment; and I think we have this seeing more easily and naturally as children. The unhurried pace and beauty in Australia and Tasmania reminded and encouraged me in this early ability and awareness.

Many of my images in this exhibit have featured elements of open and natural space discovered there as I explored both my past and present.

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