Kathy Romard – Light the SPARK Emerging Artist 2024

SPARK Photo Festival Signature Exhibit

Bedazzled by Dawn by Kathy Romard


Kathy Romard
Light the SPARK: Emerging Artist Exhibit

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Kathy Romard - Rural Living Photography

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Precious Pearls of Nature

Artist Statement

Growing up in the Kawarthas, I have been fortunate enough to experience the distinct aspects of the area. I lived on the side of a "mountain" as we referred to it as kids, where we could see Lake Ontario, and every spring watch the geese come north off the lake, and mom always ensured we caught every sunset, rainbow or wonder in the sky. These are called the magic moments, the moments of awe and wonder. Later we moved to Ennismore, and the sightseeing continued, with a heavy marsh woodland as our backyard and lakes on all sides to adventure to.

Now, as an adult holding onto my camera, I want to capture and share those same magic moments of awe and wonder, through my camera, with my grandchildren and others. There is mystery and mystic in nature, the way that light shines through it and blossoms it into a light show, which is purely magical. If I can find that with my camera lens and share that moment, then I have been successful.

When my first daughter was born, I had a 35mm camera and all its lens loaned to me, so that I could take photos of her. This was the beginning of my love for photography. On a bright sunny day, I took my daughter out to the see her dad at work, thinking this would also be a fantastic opportunity to capture new outdoor photos. When I got my photos back, I found one that was completely dark, except where the sunlight shone directly on her face, leaving everything else in stark contrast darkness, I had to learn more and know how I had created this photo. The beginning of a love affair with my camera and light and shadow.

I have always been a creature of nature, spending hours walking and hiking nature trails or paddling along rivers and lakes with my husband, family and friends. A gardener at heart, photographing my flowers and the sunlight became an everyday occurrence. Seeing my world through my camera lens, taught me to view this great earth from a new perspective, this added to my love of nature and everything outdoors. Trekking through the woods, a field, down a country road or charging through the marshy shorelines and looking up a tree trunk or down a flower stem, I find myself lost in nature.

Now, from brilliant sunrise landscapes to dew drop closeups, flower petals to forests and warm sunsets, I look for the magic that can be found in the light.

Capturing the mystery and mystic of light conveyed in a moment of time and conveying that, sharing that moment with the viewer; that is what I hope to create.

Artist Bio

Kathy Romard is a hobby photographer who was raised in Ennismore and lives there still with her family. A love for photography developed with a borrowed 35mm, a super sunny day and the difference between light and dark that was captured in a photo of her daughter. An avid gardener, photography became a way to capture the light difference in her flowers. This grew to capturing birds, sunrises, sunsets and landscape photography.

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