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The Kawartha Photographers Guild

YMCA Balsillie Family Branch
123 Aylmer Street South
Phone (705) 748 9642
Website ymcaofceo.ca/
Facebook facebook.com/YMCAofCEO
Instagram instagram.com/ymcaofceo

Mon to Fri: 6 am to 9 pm
Sat & Sun: 7 am to 5:30 pm

Kawartha Photographers Guild
Email info@kawarthaphotographersguild.com

Website kawarthaphotographersguild.com

Facebook facebook.com/KawarthaPhotographersGuild

The Kawartha Photographers Guild








The guild, officially formed in Peterborough in 2005, consists of members with a common interest in advanced photography and high quality photographic printmaking. Many members have a background as professional or commercial photographers. They shoot diverse subjects including landscape & nature, street & travel, portraits and creative digital manipulations.

Seven members from the KPG are presenting work during the SPARK Photography Festival.

Tim Bellhouse
David Broadhurst
Peter Curley
Corin Ford Forrester
Kenneth Powell
Randall Romano
Lawrence Sitwell

The group meets monthly to present mounted and matted prints and to receive valuable feedback about their photographs in a non competitive setting.   The discussion can include:  composition, contrast, sharpness, impact, mood, distracting elements, and choice of printing substrate (glossy, matt, canvas etc).

Guild meetings are held in Peterborough on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm, September to June.  All members pay a yearly fee and work towards printing their own photographs with the assistance of knowledgeable guild members, if they don’t already do so.  The group also hosts a virtual Zoom meeting once a month to share digital imagery. This allows for a wider membership.

Potential new members who are interested in achieving a higher level with their photography are entitled to attend two free meetings to see what we are all about.   Whatever type of photography you are passionate about, join our community to find inspiration and to learn.

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