Ken Powell – Peterborough Public Library 2019

Individual Exhibit

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Title: Ken Powell Morocco Travels

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Kenneth Powell
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Tuesday April 2
5 pm to 7 pm

I recently returned (in November) from a trip with my two sons. When they were younger we travelled frequently, so it seemed a great idea to do another trip together. Morocco is a prosperous, stable and independent country approximately the same population as Canada. Religiously it’s almost exclusively Muslim, while ethnically it is predominantly Arab-Berber with a significant European influence; this is reflected in its food, architecture, language and customs.

My photo show will contain images from the cities (especially the medinas, or old cities), the marketplaces or souks (that sell every imaginable thing), the central plains, the Atlas mountains and the Sahara Desert. Watch out for goats in the Argan trees, and the camels.

Ken has been behind a camera lens ever since he borrowed his father’s Leica when he was 14. It has been a passion undiminished by time and circumstance.

His knowledge and experience has been built up through both taking and teaching courses and seminars, camera clubs, commercial, portrait and wedding assignments - but mainly by shooting an awful lot of pictures. He gives presentations to a variety of audiences, maintains a web site, and produces books on various themes.

His orientation has been eclectic, but with a leaning to the outdoor world and to his travels. He has connected his scuba diving with a large body of work taken underwater. His interest in canoeing, kayaking and wilderness travel, and his proclivity to carrying his camera wherever he goes, has resulted in a record of those endeavors. Through extensive travels he tries to capture a wide variety of cultural experiences and world sights.

Ken has a business background in the oil industry and consulting, both in Canada and internationally. He has also taught, led a not-for-profit organization and worked for CESO. He has served/serves on the boards of a number of organizations. This is his seventh SPARK show.

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