Ken Powell – Peterborough Public Library 2021

Individual Exhibit

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Title: Ken Powell Fishin'

Peterborough Public Library
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345 Aylmer Street North
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Kenneth Powell
Phone 705-930-2304

Meet the Photographer
Tuesday, September 7, 14 and 21
2 PM to 4 PM



Casting about for a theme for my 2020 SPARK photo exhibition I reminded myself of the elements behind my photographic drive. They include:

  • telling stories
  • recording and reflecting on different cultures represented by the many countries I have been fortunate to visit
  • reflecting my ongoing relationship with the rivers, lakes and oceans I have been on or under (my very first SPARK show in 2013 was on “Water: Above & Below”; it displayed many shots taken while scuba diving)

The act of catching fish whether commercially or recreationally consumes a lot of energy and is conducted all around the world by all demographics. That act, and all of the rituals, equipment and people that go with it, often make for creative images.

Photographer: Kenneth Powell

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