Lakefield College School – Canoe & Paddle 2023

Group (6 or more) Exhibit

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Lakefield College School Photography Club

Canoe & Paddle
18 Bridge St
Phone 705-651-1111

Everyday 11 am - 9 pm

Lakefield College School Photography Club

Lakefield College School photography club is a small special interest group where we are learning about the art of photography. We run all year long and enjoy taking photos around the beautiful waterfront campus, so this year’s theme of water was perfect for us! We are mostly learning about the medium of digital photography but have also been learning about film photography and are very curious about what we can learn from the older style of the art. We are very excited to be a part of the SPARK photography festival this year and we hope you enjoy our exhibit at The Canoe & Paddle!


Lily Gaudrault
My name is Lily Gaudrault and I’m a 15 year old photographer. I am currently in Grade 9 and in the LCS Photography club. I have always loved taking photos ever since I was little. As I came into high school I got super happy to see a photography club that I could join. I’ve had lots of fun in this club, there’s always laughing and happiness that fills the room. The club leader, Mrs. Darby, is an amazing photographer, teacher, and leader. She has helped me pursue my Photography interests and helped me increase my skillset and confidence. My favourite thing to take pictures of is photos of nature. I love to take pictures of all seasons, rain or shine, day or night.

Molly McCulloch
My name is Molly McCulloch, I am 14 years old and a grade 9 student at Lakefield College School. My artistic mission is to have fun and to do photography with a light heart. I love gazing at my school's waterfront and I enjoy passing time with my friends by my side; which is what inspired me to take this photo. I hope you enjoy looking at my photo as much as I enjoyed taking it!

Willow Roberts
My name is Willow Roberts and I am currently in grade 11 of Lakefield College School. I grew up in Kenya my whole life, exploring the bush, camping and fishing took up most of my childhood. I love being in nature and around animals and birds, taking photographs is a way for me to get outside and explore. My favorite things to photograph are birds, animals, and landscapes.

Linus Rybcznyski
I am Linus Rybczynski, I am a Grade 11 Student at Lakefield College School. I come from Hamburg, Germany and I love taking pictures and videos with my drone. Most of the time I take pictures of the beautiful nature around me. I am also filming some of the videos for my school. I love biking and all sorts of water sports.

Educator: Wendy Darby

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