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Student Group Exhibit

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Lakefield College School Photography Club

The Nutty Bean Cafe
33 Queen St., Lakefield
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Lakefield College School

Lakefield College School Photography Club

Educator: Wendy Darby

Lakefield College School photography club is a small special interest group where we are learning about the art of photography. We run all year long and enjoy taking photos around our beautiful campus and enjoyed the challenge of finding interesting textures for this year’s theme! We are mostly learning about the medium of digital photography but have also been learning about film photography and are very curious about what we can learn from the older style of the art. We are very excited to be a part of the SPARK Photography Festival this year and we hope you enjoy our exhibit at The Nutty Bean!


Angel Xu
Welcome to my exhibit. My name is Angel Xu, a 15-year-old photographer who has been capturing life's moments for the past three years. From the bustling streets of Shanghai to the diverse landscapes of Canada, my passion for photography has blossomed, driven by a desire to preserve the fleeting yet precious moments that evoke joy. As a teenager navigating through different cultures and environments, photography has been my steadfast companion, allowing me to document the beauty of cultural mixing and diversity that I've encountered along the way. Each photograph in this exhibit tells a story—a story of connection, discovery, and the richness of human experience. Through my lens, I aim to shed light on the intricacies of our world, celebrating the mosaic of cultures that shape our communities. Whether it's the record of a view during my trip in a part of Canada or the harmony of old and new appearing at the same time, same place, each image serves as a testament to the beauty found in embracing diversity. Thank you for joining me on this artistic adventure.

As someone who has traveled to many different locations, I struggled to capture the diversity of the beauty all over our world. I started photography to be able to showcase the beauty of different settings in our world. My name is Isaad and I am currently in my grade 12 year at Lakefield College School. I have lived in many different countries, including Canada, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The different cultures contributed to my unique lens of the world. The two pictures I have submitted specifically are in Morocco and Saudi Arabia. The one in Morocco was taken in the medina (local neighborhood) in the city of Fez, which is home to one of the oldest market places in Morocco. This photo is meant to demonstrate the differences of architecture in Morocco compared to other places in the world. The second photo was taken in Saudi Arabia, specifically in Al Ula. Al Ula is home to one of the most beautiful and interesting natural landscapes (Sedimentary rock formations) in the world. In Al Ula, there is a place with close to 0 light pollution. Our family wasn’t allowed in this place because it was fully booked, but we were still able to make the most of our time there by driving somewhere nearby that had less light pollution and star gazed. In Saudi Arabia, seeing even a couple of stars is difficult, so being able to see so many stars in the night sky was a beautiful experience for me.

Nick Taitinger
My name is Nick Taitinger and I attend Lakefield College School as a grade 12. I have always lived in Ontario, Canada but I have always loved traveling, exploring the world, and documenting my experiences of it. I have been a lover of traveling for my entire life and have always enjoyed exploring and having unique experiences. My three photos highlight my experiences in the fjords of Norway, and the streets of the Moroccan medinas. These photos show my traveling and my admiration of the many beautiful sights I have encountered. Photography has been a skill that I have recently become interested in and pursued. I have always wanted to be able to capture every amazing moment the best I could possibly manage. The photographs encapsulate how the world looked perfectly in detail. These photos represent times in my life where I was truly happy and I wanted to capture those moments to live forever.

Joseph Ji
Much of my passion for photography comes from my father. I could still remember when I was little, my father carried both cameras for him and me and traveled to different places in the city, just for some good photos. When I first press the shutter button, everything around me seems to stop at that moment. Since then, I fell in love with that feeling. I also like traveling, because I can see many beautiful scenery that I have never seen before, and record them through my lens. My name is Joseph and that’s my story with photography.

Owen McIntyre
My name is Owen McIntyre and my piece depicts a figure disguised as a terrapin, a marine creature. The industrial background is casted in a fitting green hue. The whole piece represents how as a society we’ve casted away these marine creatures and have treated there habitats with the upmost disrespect. The contrast of the creature and the industrial setting provokes the viewer to make new connections further enhancing it connection to the environmental movement.

Cyrus Chen
As a passionate photographer who is connected with the natural world, my work is a heartfelt exploration of the beauty that surrounds us. I am Cyrus Chen, a student from Lakefield College School, and through my lens, I strive to capture the essence of nature.  Armed with my camera and a keen eye for detail, I have learned the art of patience, waiting for those fleeting moments when everything aligns perfectly to reveal the profound artistry of nature. This pursuit has not only shaped my artistic vision but has also instilled in me a profound appreciation for the natural and industrial world. These photos are part of my trip to Japan, and these photos capture profoundly key memories of the time I spent with my family. Being a part of the photography club has allowed me to share my passion and experiences with like-minded individuals who are equally fascinated by the power of photography to capture the beauty of our planet. My photography is a reflection of my deepest admiration for nature but also the city, which I feel linked with.

Willow Roberts
My name is Willow Roberts and I am currently a grad of Lakefield College School. I grew up in Kenya my whole life, exploring the bush, camping and fishing took up most of my childhood. I love being in nature and around animals and birds, taking photographs is a way for me to get outside and explore. My favourite things to photograph are birds, animals, and landscapes.

Ammielia Garbutt
My name is Ammielia Garbutt, I’m 15 years old and I’m a grade 9 student at LCS. I grew up here in Lakefield and I have many hobbies that I am passionate about including hockey and traveling, but recently I’ve become very interested in photography. At the beginning of the 2023 school year I joined the LCS photography club and it has been one of my best decisions so far. Over the past year I have become much more confident and experienced at taking photos. I’ve learned so much including finding the right angle, photoshopping, finding the center focus of my photo, using shadows, taking portraits and much more. I specifically love taking photos because photos hold memories. Whether the photo reminds you of a person you miss, a place that you long to be or a nostalgic moment, that you haven’t thought of in a long time. Photos could be pulling out your phone and taking a picture of the sunset, but they could also be so much more. This specific photo I have chosen to submit is of two blue frogs. Though the frogs don’t look harmful, they are blue poison dart frogs. They are considered to be one of the deadliest animals on earth, even one touch could be fatal to a human. The photo may not look like much, but there is much more to be deciphered.

Chloe Vuong
My name is Chloe Vuong, I’m currently a grade 9 student at LCS. My family is originally from Vietnam. I took this photo when I was going on a trip with my family in Ha Long Bay City, which is the most beautiful place for tourists and people who want to come visit Vietnam. It’s the best place to go on a vacation with your family and friends. The food is amazing, and there’s also an amusement park with a lot of games and roller coasters, which you will find very fun. But let me tell you about my photo journeys. When I was a kid, I always got annoyed when my dad and mom told me to get in the picture, and I refused to do it because I just wanted to take a picture of the scene and didn’t want to be in the photos with my family. But as I got older, I know that photos are very important, they keep all the memories, and every time you open those photos, it’ll bring you back to the feeling you have in those photos and suddenly bring you back to that moment. This photo is from an alley next to our hotel, and I always want to capture everything I find beautiful and keep it as a memory to always remember the time when I spent time with my family and friends.


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