Laura Berman – Red Tower Gallery 2021

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Title: Laura Berman Conversations

Red Tower Gallery
388 Pine Grove Rd.

Phone 416-880-9647

Sunday 11 am to 5 pm
Sept 5 to Oct 9
or by appointment

Laura Berman
Text: 416-887-2655
Instagram @greenfusephotos

OPENING RECEPTION SUNDAY SEPT. 5 - 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
388 Pine Grove Rd. Castleton, K0K1M0
(5 K south of Warkworth)
Please park on the road and walk in. If walking is difficult, feel free to drive in for drop off.

Laura Berman

My work is an exploration of the interior and emotional life of animals. By creating an atmosphere of classically dramatic light and space to illuminate my subjects’ individuality and emotions, I offer the viewer the opportunity to recognize these animals as ‘some-one' not as 'some-thing'.

These emotive portraits bring together my love for both painting and photography, a natural outgrowth of my early training as painter and more than twenty years as a designer and photographer. Through innovative digital techniques I create images that reflect the way my mind and heart understand the scene more fully than with photography alone.

My work begins with the literal photograph. I then ‘digitally paint’ into it using a series of transparent overlays and digital brushwork to create an image with an emotional impact more real than the reality of a photographic recording.

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