Linda Cardona – Empress Gardens

Individual Exhibit

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Art & Artistry

Empress Gardens
131 Charlotte Street
Phone (705) 876 1314

Daily 11 am to 7 pm

Linda Cardona
Phone (705) 772 5564

Sunday April 22
4 to 6:30 pm

Artist Statement

From early spring to the end of fall, our garden is a paradise of ever changing beauty. The flowers look different in the morning, mid-day, and evening as the light changes from early morning glow to harsh overhead light to the warm tones of the calm golden hour before sunset. The flowers provide a series of contrasts. We have delicate and bold, intricate and simple, repetitive and unique, vivid and pastel. There are a vast array of patterns, designs and shapes. We conservatively have over 100 different flowers in our garden. As a photographer, our garden provides inspiration, opportunity, challenge and always, a learning experience.

I have been working on this exhibit for a year. I started in the spring of 2017 earnestly taking pictures of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths – working my way through the summer and fall towards a collection of thousands of images.

Another topic that makes my heart soar is architecture and architectural details – whether in colour or black and white. I purposefully sought out opportunities to discover the beauty of architecture in numerous locations including Toronto, Montreal, Puerto Rico and other locales. I am thrilled at the prospect of combining my love of floral photography and architecture.

I have created a multitude of effects with my photography, from the pure traditional look to the extreme avant-garde. I have learned to observe the light as it completely changes the colours, textures, shadows and details of the images. It becomes essential to take the time to study and capture all possible angles in order to get interesting and unique perspectives. It is often surprising to see which shots are the best.

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