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Linda L Tatler 
Bonding: Humans & Horses
Rescued, Loved & Adopted

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Linda L Tatler

Linda L. Tatler

My SPARK exhibit this year displays two different themes with one common thread, my passion for animals and capturing that passion with my camera.

Bonding: Humans and Horses

Horses are special creatures. These animals are majestic, strong and able to display a broad range of emotions. They show similar physiological and behavioural responses to humans as they do to horses. Whether they are around humans or other horses they are amazingly communicative and thrive in social settings. These qualities are part of the reason why horses can develop such a strong bond with humans.
Creating a bond with a horse is a perfect way to learn how to open up emotionally and understand the importance of patience, trust and communication.

Photo 1: Elizabeth and Finn
When Elizabeth rescued Finn a year ago, he immediately became her “heart horse”. The two share an endearing bond. A neglected senior boy is now lavished with love.

Rescued, Loved and Adopted

Throughout my years working at a shelter, I have witnessed many abandoned, scared and often-times abused cats evolve and transition into an amazingly precious loving animal.

Photo 2: Amy
Was found at someone's back door. She was thin, matted and so in need of a loving home. She is now thriving in a forever home with two little girls and two other cats.

Photo 3: Buddy
Buddy was found with a jar on his head. When he was taken to the vet clinic it was also discovered he had two pellets lodged near his lung. He is now a very spoiled boy living in his forever home.

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