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Artist Statement – Norma Keith

After leaving Toronto in 2003 and settling into retirement life near the Rice Lake area I embraced my passion for photography with an incredible blank canvas of nature's beauty to call my own. Nature, wildlife, stunning sunsets, flowers in my gardens, landscapes and the list goes on are what I love to photograph. Since this is my first SPARK exhibit I decided to show some of my black and white images which were taken in the Northumberland and surrounding area. I have entered, been accepted and won awards in various juried shows and participated in numerous group exhibitions. I also produce photographic art cards which are sold at Stonewood Gallery, Cobourg and Laveanne Lavender of Ontario, Campbellcroft. I never leave home without a camera, just in case something catches my eye.

Artist Biography - Norma Keith

Baltimore, Ontario

Norma and her husband Frank left Toronto in 2003 after settling into retirement life to embrace the beautiful highlands of Northumberland County near Rice Lake.

Norma's interest in photography started at a young age with her first Kodak Brownie camera and the rest is history. Norma took various photography courses at Ryerson University but mostly is self-taught. After some hesitation of giving up film cameras she switched over to the world of digital and is still learning the finer details of this amazing technology.

Norma is a member of Spirit of the Hills (Northumberland Hills Arts Association); Art Gallery of Northumberland; The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington and the Colborne Art Gallery.

She has participated in numerous group shows associated with Spirit of the Hills, ie. Campbellford Public Library; John M. Parrott Art Gallery, Belleville; Northumberland Hills Hospital, Cobourg; Cobourg Waterfront Festival; All That Jazz Art and Photography Show, Port Hope. Solo shows include 100 Mile Diner, Warkworth; Buttermilk Cafe, Cobourg; Capers Restaurant, Campbellford; Laveanne Lavender of Ontario, Campbellcroft.

Norma has been accepted in various juried shows throughout the Northumberland and surrounding area ie: CLIC Eastern Ontario Photo Show & Sale, Picton; Art Gallery of Northumberland, Cobourg; Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, Bowmanville. Some of the photographic awards she has received are – Honourable Mention ( in conjunction with Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival); Second Place (in conjunction with Warkworth Long Lunch); Photography Award (Colborne Art Gallery); Founder's Award (Warkworth Lilac Festival).

Norma is also producing photographic art cards which are available at Stonewood Gallery, Cobourg; Laveanne Lavender of Ontario, Campbellcroft (May to Oct.). She has had photographs published in Photo Life Magazine; Karibu Safari 2001 (cover photo African Safari publication); NuWork Magazine – Photographic edition 2014; More of Our Canada magazine (Jan. 2017). Norma was also the Special Events photographer for the Toronto Region, Canadian Cancer Society.

Norma is inspired by nature, wildlife, stunning sunsets, architecture, flowers and her dogs. She has travelled throughout the world but finds it's such a joy to see this incredible beauty close to home.

Artist Statement Lori Gillespie

From the Darkness there was Light…

My cinematic style of Photography coupled with a deep appreciation for history, merges past and present, creating a timeless narration with no beginning nor end. By using live models in historic, sometimes abandoned or forgotten locations, I hope to bring elements of the past back to life and trigger memories for those who view my work.

I believe, through Photography, there is always a story waiting to be heard

Lori Gillespie
Lori Jane Photography


Lori resides in a rural area of Cramahe Township where her family roots run deep and strong.

Being a wife, mother and grandmother, photography has always been important in documenting the memories and people in her life.  This interest in photography changed to a full-blown passion about 5 years ago when she enrolled in a Basic Photography course at Fleming College after the purchase of her first DSLR camera.

By the end of the course, Lori’s world began to expand, coming alive with light, colour, texture and emotion.  This enlightenment resulted in a heightening of both creativity and spirituality.

Lori continues to learn through practice and assistance from many on line courses.  She is an active member of The Northumberland Photography Club and Spirit of the Hills and volunteers annually with the HELP-Portrait, a worldwide photographic event.  Her work can be followed on Facebook at Lori Jane Photography.

Collecting vintage photographs and studying Genealogy are favourite past times of Lori’s. She has quite a collection of her own family photos that have been lovingly passed down from previous generations.  The clothing styles, and the sad, somber expressions captured in these images create a feeling of melancholy and wonder that many of today’s photographs simply don’t achieve.

Although Lori enjoys tradional landscape, nature and family portraits, she is drawn to locations such as old cemeteries and abandoned buildings. These forgotten places somehow evoke the distant voices, laughter and tears of lives that once lived and loved.

With the help of period clothing, makeup and a few props, Lori directs her subjects in an attempt to tell a story…a story that can be interpreted by the viewer in their own way

Lori hopes the echoes of the past may continue to inspire her to tell stories through her photography.  She looks forward to a day when one of these images may grace the cover of a book and help others to imagine a past not so very distant from our own.

Lori Gillespie
Lori Jane Photography

Artist Statement John Charlton

Living on a patch of land in the Northumberland Hills presents me with a visual feast of subject matter and recurring opportunities to hone my photographic skills. I’m captivated by the beauty that surrounds me, the spectacle of nature and the transition of the seasons. Still photography encourages me to slow down in support of recognizing and appreciating this beauty. "Autumn Simplified" focuses on the light, forms and colours of Autumn somewhat at the expense of detail, making the images appear almost painterly in composition.

John Charlton Photography

Artist Biography John Charlton

John Charlton was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.

Everyone in my family took pictures. That’s just what we did. It seemed as natural as breathing. Hand me down cameras from my parents and older brothers led to a life long interest in photography.

When I moved from Montreal to Toronto in the mass exodus of ’76, I found my first employment with Continental Photofinishers, selling film and small cameras at one of their retail outlets aptly named The Photo Shops. This was back when there were Photo Huts and Fotomats on nearly every street corner. Think Tommy Chong in That 70’s Show. It was a pretty cool time.

I worked in more photographic stores over the years including Toronto Camera and Henrys. Working photo retail allowed me to live, eat and breathe photography on a day to day basis. Every opportunity I got, I would head out of the city to the countryside to practice my photography and breathe the fresh air. Eventually, this led to my wife and I moving to a little patch of land in Northumberland County near the Village of Warkworth.

I actually put photography aside for a number of years thereafter, content with living in the rural landscape, rather than photographing it. I suppose I felt I no longer needed to bring the country home with me. I had become a part of the landscape I previously had tried to capture.

But I couldn’t stay away from photography forever, and when digital photography took hold and Photoshop mercifully replaced the wet darkroom, I felt the lure of returning to the hobby that I loved.

While my entry back into photography wasn’t an overnight sensation, in time I learned the new tools well enough to garner the occasional praise of a few friends and acquaintances.

SPARK 2017 marks the first time I’ve exhibited prints publicly for a number of years.

I’ve had some success at a few early Spirit of the Hills showcases, including a Best in Show placing at the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival Juried Show and Sale as well as a few additional accolades that encouraged me to continue.

After a decade of selling display advertising for a local independent newspaper, I turned my hand to building websites (https://JohnCharlton.ca) but all the while, I kept shooting, slowly developing my style and learning how to work with light, colour, form and perspective. I hope you enjoy my latest photographic endeavours.

John Charlton Photography
Warkworth, Ontario

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