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Individual Exhibit

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Margaret Hamilton Through My Eyes

Chasing the Cheese
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Saturday, April 13
2 pm to 4 pm
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Margaret Hamilton

Through My Eyes

Let me begin by saying, by no stretch of the imagination do I consider myself a “professional photographer”. I began shooting photos with a point-and-shoot camera, moved to a DSLR camera and four years ago went almost exclusively to using my phone to shoot what I would see and want to preserve. As I got older, I just found carting around so much camera equipment too cumbersome. Personally, my joy with photography is just seeing something and taking the shot. Occasionally, my creativity allows me to set up scenarios to shoot, but when out and about I like to shoot things exactly as I see them. Once in a while, I will do some basic editing to crop, adjust brightness, exposure or saturation. That’s about it! I do very little manipulation other than maybe taking out a hydro line, etc., that distracts from what I saw. I really like printing a photo as close to what I saw as possible.

I’ve done a few SPARK Exhibits in the past and then took a break but decided to exhibit once again this year. SPARK is a true treasure for any, and all, photographers regardless of their skill level. From beginners to the ultra-professional photographers, SPARK gives all the opportunity to show their talents and what they love.

Many have said I have a great ‘eye’ and see things that others miss or are totally oblivious to; I consider that a huge compliment.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my exhibit!

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