Margaret Wood – Light the SPARK Emerging Artist 2024

SPARK Photo Festival Signature Exhibit

Evie's Elephant by Margaret Wood


Margaret Wood
Light the SPARK: Emerging Artist Exhibit


YMCA Balsillie Family Branch
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Mon to Fri: 6 am to 9 pm
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SPARK Opening Reception and Juried Awards Ceremony
Sunday, April 7
2 pm to 4 pm
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Bellwether Family Wealth – Weichel & Associates
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Artist Statement

Connecting with children is where I find my joy. When I am in the company of children, I find myself smiling, laughing, and maybe even dancing. Their affection, hilarious behaviour, and candid conversation is what draws me in

The process of creating a composite/storybook image starts with communicating my idea to the child and the parent. I will ask the child to “look up at the pretend elephant right over here”, or “pretend you are fishing and you are surprised because you just caught a big fish!” I will show them poses so that they can mimic them. The initial photo is quite simple. I usually meet at a local park.  I will oftentimes use things in nature to help set up the shot. The magic happens when I get home and create the scene using various photos, stock images from the web, and digital backgrounds. However, this art is a never-ending journey. There is so much more to discover and learn, and I’m here for it!

When there are no storybook images planned, a walk in the woods, or a stakeout for an owl or heron is always a welcome change.

Currently, I offer photo packages with your choice of family/portrait/lifestyle images, storybook images as a stand-alone purchase, or they can be incorporated into a photo package. Scan my QR code to get more details!

My exhibit is dedicated to my late brother, Peter Wood, a loving brother, and a gifted photographer.

Artist Bio

Margaret is a photographer residing in the Douro area. For Margaret, it’s all about the children. Although she won’t shy away from wildlife, landscapes, or a beautiful sunset. Margaret set a goal in 2022 to learn Photoshop and took on the challenge with passion and unwavering determination. In her heart she knew she wanted to challenge herself, and delight children by creating beautiful storybook images. Margaret has been involved in several online photography and compositing courses and took her first photography course at Sir Sandford Fleming College in 2019. Throughout her life, Margaret was always the girl with the camera, who valued the importance of capturing everlasting memories.

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