Michael Harris | Dianne Lister – Kawartha Art Gallery 2023

Small Group Exhibit

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Title: Michael Harris | Dianne Lister - Grey Matters

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Michael Harris
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Reception: Meet the Photographers
Saturday April 8th, 2 pm

Dianne Lister
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Grey Matters

This body of work by Dianne Lister and Michael Harris explores natural and built environments in black and white. The monochromatic approach, if successful, simplifies an image and distills it to its essence. Shadows, contrast, tone and texture are heightened in composing the photographs. A stark contrast of black and white can create drama and a sense of timelessness, while a gradient of grey tones can produce a softer, muted quality that enhances a subtle image. In presenting less information, the images ask more of the viewer. This exhibit tests our ability to strip away the distraction and reliance upon colour and challenges us to capture the backbone of an image in an engaging black and white composition.

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