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Individual Exhibit

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Mike MacLean Mammals of Western Canada

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Mike MacLean
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Mammals of Western Canada

This exhibit showcases the wildlife that I have photographed in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and surrounding area of Edmonton. I also photograph landscapes and nature (flowers, trees, etc.) but this exhibit concentrates on mammals.

Jasper National Park is a hot bed for wildlife that includes rocky mountain bighorns, mountain goats, deer, elk, bear (grizzly and black bears), caribou, moose, bald eagles and much more.

My favourite mammal to photograph is the rocky mountain bighorns. They are very majestic, powerful animals and like to smile for the camera.

Just a quick fact: did you know that elk are the most likely to attack, followed by grizzly and black bears, especially during rut?

Hope you enjoy my exhibit.

Visit my other exhibit titled: Our Feathered Friends at:
Revelstoke Kitchen & Cafe 641 George St. N. Peterborough


Mike is a self-taught wildlife and nature photographer who started his photographic journey in the 90’s. Mike didn’t know he had a creative side until he went to school to study Cartography. Throughout his schooling and career as a Cartographer and Manager of Geomatics, he won several competitions for his map designs and logo designs, but his true passion was photography.

First experimenting in sports, weddings, fashion and wildlife, he came to a conclusion that being outdoors and photographing nature, especially large mammals is what he wanted to concentrate on. Mike studied the wildlife photography of Art Wolfe, and Franz Lanting, two of the best in the world of wildlife photography, constantly comparing and trying to improve. He realized that to get better you had to be your own worst critic. Also, it helps to get off the couch and be there.

Now retired from the daily grind, Mike is devoting his days to full-time photography.
Retirement. What does that mean?


Front cover Nature Photographer, Alberta Tourism, Kawartha Lakes Tourism, Tabletop book titled Kawarthas Nature, Ontario Call Centre newsletter, and various calendars.


  • First, 2nd and 3rd in a sports photo competition.
  • Two images made it to the final edit of the prestigious Audubon Calendar
  • First place in the Goats photo competition. Awarded by Viewbug
  • Top shot award 2022 from Viewbug (fashion)
  • Gem Award from Viewbug (rocky mountain bighorns)

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