Mike Quigg – The Food Forest 2023

Individual Exhibit

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Mike QuiggA Few Faves

The Food Forest
135 Hunter St W, Peterborough
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Mon to Thurs: 10 am - 6 pm
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Meet Mike and visit The Food Forest
Saturday, April 15th
12 pm to 3 pm

Mike Quigg
Email mike@time-stands-still.com

A Few Faves

Time Stands Still
Award-winning photographer Mike Quigg was born and raised in Toronto. Mike’s passion for photography started in 1972 when he was given his first camera - a Kodak 110 for his 9th birthday. Mike started visiting the Kawarthas as a teenager with his family, and quickly fell in love with the area. After high school he went directly into the printing industry, working at The Toronto Stock Exchange in-house printing department for 13 years. Working part-time as a freelance photojournalist in the ‘80s and ‘90s earned Mike prestigious awards for police and fire captures, including numerous front page newspaper features and with the honour of “Best Toronto Fire Photo”. Mike’s photographs have reached international status; his photos have been sold and published by Reuters, City of Toronto, numerous books, magazines calendars and blogs. Mike’s autodidactic approach to photography continued when he retired from photojournalism and shifted his focus to landscape photography. Subjects of nature, and experimenting with light and composition became his passions. Now residing full-time in The Kawarthas, Mike can often be found exploring with his Nikon, dog Heidi and partner, Christine, taking photos day and night.

Mike is thrilled to exhibit his photos at The Food Forest during the SPARK Photo Festival’s Tenth Anniversary year. As someone who has been incorporating more plant-based meals into his life, he is honoured to display his work at one of his favourite Peterborough restaurants.

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