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Individual Exhibit

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I Mind the Time: Reflections of Rural Life in Douro-Dummer

P.G. Towns Business Building
297 County Road 8
416 564.7276

Exhibit Will Be In The Windows of the Building 24/7
Due to Renovation Delays the Store Will Not be Open.

Mike Towns
Phone (705) 652 7767
Email nancy.m.towns@gmail.com
Facebook facebook.com/mike.towns.73

Mike Towns has spent his lifetime enjoying amateur photography, stemming back to the early 70s when he bought his first Hasselblad. Capturing everyday moments through a lens has been his means of appreciating and participating his rural community of Douro, Ontario and the surrounding area and he rarely attends gatherings without his camera in hand. Over the decades, Mike made his livelihood as the 3rd generation owner of P.G Towns & Sons General Store along side his wife Rosemary. He recently published two collections of written oral history accompanied by photography (both his own and those shared by friends and family), While Mindn’ the Store and I Mind the Time. The anecdotes of the book are inspired by Mike’s years as a storekeeper and small rural business owner, listening to the stories and lore told by the customers that came in the doors. In his retirement, community members have continued to share their stories with Mike to make these books possible.

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