Patricia Calder – The Monaghan Café 2019

Individual Exhibit

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Title: Patricia Calder Wildlife Photographer

The Monaghan Café
1017 Monaghan Rd
Phone 705 743.4800

M to Sat 7 am to 2 pm
Sun 8 am to 2 pm

Patricia Calder
Phone 905 355.3005

Wednesday April 17
4 to 6 pm
Meet the Photographer
Every Wednesday at Noon


I have loved photography since I first purchased a Brownie box camera at the age of 16. The play of light through the lens on land and water, the muscles of animals, and the feathers of birds entice me.

I am drawn from country roads to the sight of horses in green fields, birds in leafy bowers, or a red fox near her den.

In September I visited the Great Bear Rainforest in BC and came home with multiple images of Spirit Bears, black bears, and whales breaching. In October I drove into Yukon Territory to photograph landscapes studded with glacial rivers and lakes.

My past travels have taken me to Sable Island (home of the legendary feral horses), Newfoundland (especially Change Islands and Fogo, with the ponies and icebergs), Prince Edward Island (which I called home for 8 years), and Europe (where I rambled for 14 months in my youth).

I must acknowledge the role Northumberland Photo Club has played in my education with the camera and development of images in Lightroom. After a day of shooting, I spend many hours on the computer selecting images for refinement.

I invite you to peruse this collection and perhaps linger over a delicious meal served with care at the Monaghan Café.

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