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Randall Romano Fragments

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Randall Romano
Email rrphotography27@gmail.com
Website www.randallromano.com
Instagram instagram.com/randallromano



In making photographs, I view the world in two different and distinct ways. Firstly, as a bigger picture, documenting the world as a complex, yet recognizable scene and secondly as a smaller picture, a less recognizable world, detached from a bigger subject.

Fragments reflects my observations into less noticeable places. A bigger subject  has been fragmented into small pieces, showing something less apparent and easily passed by. These smaller lesser seen observations bring to life the complexity of our world, not only a discovery but at times a revelation.

Randall Romano

Randall has been making photographs for over 45 years, initially in the nature/landscape genre, eventually evolving to run a commercial photography business focused on interior and exterior architectural clients. Since 2015, after closing the business, he focused solely on photographing subjects and projects that are of personal interest. These consist largely of street and documentary subjects. He has also been active in lecturing about photography, to a wide variety of Ontario camera groups. These presentations sought to stir up and challenge traditional notions on photography, bringing to light the work and importance of master photographers. A recent book publication: Reaching a Higher Level in Photography (2023) has come out of these presentations.

I believe the camera’s strength is its ability to capture fleeting moments, to stop time and create a sense of curiosity in the viewer. If a still image is to be successful it has to illustrate something missed and something fleeting. Chasing this fleeting moment of uniqueness allows me to better savour life.

A father of four children, Randall and his wife Catherine live on a rural property near Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

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