Randall Romano – Peterborough Public Library 2020

Individual Exhibit

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Revealing Strolls

Peterborough Public Library
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Randall Romano
Douro Dummer
Phone 705 930.0157
Email randall@nexicom.net
Website www.randallromano.com

Peterborough Public Library - FOL Community Room
Tuesday, April 7, 2020
5 to 7 pm

Revealing Strolls Artistic Statement

Photography represents much more than just exploring the world. It is the ability to capture a moment of time, to rip a unique page from the book of life that fascinates me. Photographs at their best tell a story or reveal a penetrating statement, not only through an individual picture but also through groups of photographs. The camera provides a realistic means to document and freeze a passing juncture, perhaps capturing an important instant, a blink of vision that without the camera would be gone forever. The simple act of making a photograph encourages the photographer to stop and carefully look at the complexity of life. This uncomplicated act opens up details of the world lost to others. At its true essence, the camera is a persistent companion documenting a unique view of the world and travelling along through our life journeys.

The techniques I use to capture these moments of life and narratives are not based on technological prowess, because to me the camera is only a tool to be harnessed. The photographs created reflect and document the real world and are a contemplation of things as they are. Technology is only a means to capture this reality. The ultimate success of the process is the strength and validity of the final product and the need it creates in the viewer to linger and explore.

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