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Revealing Strolls

Market Hall Performing Arts Centre
140 Charlotte St
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Randall Romano
Douro Dummer
Phone 705 930.0157
Email randall@nexicom.net
Website www.randallromano.com

Tuesday April 3
6 to 9 pm

Revealing Strolls Artistic Statement

Toronto’s financial district is the second largest in North America, after New York City and the eight largest in the world. Two hundred thousand people commute in and out of this 15-block district during the workweek. Because of this district unique and distinct nature within Canada, I have photographed and documented this small part of the city over the past two years. The project’s main goal is to candidly capture the people who work and temporarily inhabitant this highly concentrated urban area of office towers.

Specifically the project concentrates on five aspects of the financial district: the commuters of the morning and evening rush, workers taking breaks and interacting, candid portraits, life on the streets and people at work. By making images of these five aspects the project intends to gives the viewer a sense of the financial districts character, in particular the population who makes up the work force. Further, the project hopes to document important characteristics of our current society as it is reflected by these subjects going about their day-to-day business in this distinctive part of country. Revealing Strolls is ongoing long-term project continuing to evolve and develop.

Photographing people on the street is a historical form of photography dating back to the beginning of the craft. It is a genre of photography that is simplistic in its technique, yet difficult if not impossible to get exceptional results. Perhaps this challenge in achieving an exceptional photograph is what draws me to the streets, as well as the realization that a good street image cannot be easily replicated. Further, a very exceptional image made on the street represents a singular moment in time that can possible remain relevant for many years.

People are at the heart of any good street photograph and represent a challenge of courage. A good street photographer must put his camera in difficult places in order to capture the everyday movement and gestures of people. Candid moments showing emotion, humour and character can be the reward. However capturing such interesting moments mean being persistent and putting in the time. David Hurn a highly regarded Magnum photographer believes there are two major aspects to making a successful image: the angle or placement of the camera and the timing of the shutter release. It is this simplistic technique combined with simplistic equipment, namely one camera and one lens that characterizes this project. The key to harvesting good street images is a determination and persistence, reflected by spending time making images and a total dedication to craft. It is hoped the images in this project reveal this photographic essence.


Randall has over 40 years experience in photography, having worked for 35 commercial and editorial clients over the years, as well as, being obsessed with photography since he was a teenager. Currently he is passionate about documentary street photography, captured on Canadian streets. This genre of photography requires diligence, persistence and fast reflects to capture a fleeting moment in time between the urban environment and people. It is rare to capture an exceptional photograph, yet when successful, the image can be unique with gestures, expressions, and stories standing the test of time. Randall is active curating and participating in local photographic exhibitions, as well as teaching photography through presentations to camera clubs and through written articles and books. He lives on a country property near Peterborough, Ontario with his wife Catherine.

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