Rose Katarina Fortin – Dreams Café & Bistro 2022


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Title: Rose Katarina Fortin - Nostalgia: Memories of Earthen Existence

Dreams Café & Bistro
138 Hunter St W
Phone 705 742.2406

Friday, April 1st, open until 8pm for First Friday Art Crawl

M to F 8:30 am to 4 pm
Sat 9:30 am to 4 pm
Sun Closed

Rose Katarina Fortin

Rose Katarina Fortin Statement

Nostalgia: Memories of an Earthen Existence

By the water, I should have told you kindred spirit, that I was here to heal you. That I would sacrifice for you. I'm going to walk until the night turns to sunrise. When the wind blows incantations through the fields.
If I write a poem so you could understand.
If I could find the secret of how life began, travel the endless life of eternity. I
wonder why you left me behind, with the vastness of night, the mystery, the starlit sky.

You laugh at me for chasing eternal life, yet, I have seen my own soul in tatters…

my mind is the eyes of the universe.

My own existence is radiant.

Deep within me is the fabric of existence itself.

A canvas of grace.

So achingly beautiful...

the empty ocean
Summer falls to autumn
There is so much i want to tell you;
Now that you are dead, you arrive when i call your name.
Watching the tide rise along the coast.

Still no letters.

Prayers for our inner children,
Written In the amber sunset
Above vigils for weeping lovers

You went to the forest, where all the artists go to die.

You were my muse, I'm not leaving this world for you.

My smile lit the universe when i was with you.
Our bliss echoing through the canyons of grief ~

You gave me ghost flowers that would never die.

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