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Individual Exhibit

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Friends With Feathers

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Roy T. Bowles
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Biographic Statement

I find pleasure in watching all creatures and feel that they are my friends. Birds bring a special joy because of their variety beauty and varied activity. Hence the title Friends with Feathers.

Most of the photos in this exhibit were taken on or near our one-acre lot on Lake Katchewanooka. This illustrates my moto: "Enjoy the beauty and pleasures in your own small world."

I have enjoyed photography all of my life, first using my families simple cameras to photograph livestock and farm settings. While in Alaska during military service in the 1950s I bought a 35mm camera and learned many photographic techniques from comrades who were experienced photographers. The isolation and absence of other outlets gave time and space for much photography.

Following my retirement as Professor at Trent University I moved to digital equipment and began editing photos on computers.

I photograph many subjects - people, animals, landscapes, buildings, flowers, insects, etc.   However, taking pictures of birds is a special interest and presents special challenges. A photographer must put oneself in the habitat of birds, have camera ready each instant, watch patiently for a bird to take a photogenic pose and snap quickly to catch the image before it changes. He or she must also have the patience to discard the thousands of photos which are not interesting and the eye to select those that both express beauty and show character. I hope the photos exhibited here bring others some of the joy I get from my Friends with Feathers.

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