Roy T. Bowles – Douro Dummer Public Library Art Gallery 2019

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Title: Roy T. Bowles Our Countryside: In & Around It

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Roy T. Bowles
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Wednesday April 3
7 to 8 pm

My motto is: “Enjoy the interesting and beautiful moments in your own small world.”

The local region of the Kawarthas offers much that for a photographer is interesting and beautiful. My youth on a family farm instilled a lifelong appreciation for animals and all aspects of farm life. In this exhibit I attempt to capture some interesting parts of our rural countryside.

Barns, fences, fields, animals and farm activity all have something to say to us if we pause on our journey to look and listen. I hope these photos will encourage you to expand the pleasure you can find in and around our countryside.

I have enjoyed photography all of my life, first using my family’s simple cameras to photograph livestock and farm settings. While in Alaska during military service in the 1950s I bought a 35mm camera and learned many techniques from comrades who were experienced photographers. The isolation and absence of other outlets gave time and space for much photography. Following retirement as Professor at Trent University I moved to digital equipment and began editing photos on computers. Photography has become an important part of my life. Thinking as a photographer helps me see that which is interesting and beautiful in my world.

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