Sharon Canzi – Best of Hearing Centre

Individual Exhibit

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Best of Hearing Centre
267 Charlotte Street
705 742.6134

M to Th 9:30 am to 4 pm

Sharon Canzi
Phone (705) 742 6134

Sharon Canzi has chosen her family business Best of Hearing Centre, which is very close to her heart, as her venue. Sharon has been hard of hearing for years and feels that her hearing loss has heightened her photographic and artistic vision and strengthened her intuition. She loves nature and strives to evoke emotion and feeling with her photographs. Sharon is now working in mixed media and is combining her photography with her art. Sharon has been honoured to have her work presented in the Heritage Tree Book and in a local calendar to name a few. Look for the yellow awnings at Best of Hearing Centre and stop in to see more of Sharon’s moving infrared art as well as beautiful photos of her vacation in Iceland where she used to live. She is grateful to be participating in the SPARK Photo Festival and thanks everyone for their hard work and contributions.

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