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Texture is tactile yet can be conveyed in a photograph. 

The variation and depth of a surface may be dramatic or microscopic, or a combination of both, and works with patterns, colours and details in composing the overall texture of an object. 

An object may appear smooth from far away while upon closer observation variations in the texture are revealed, providing a completely different visual with a change in focal length.

The use of light and shadow, angle, focus and composition all play into bringing textures to life for the eyes to experience and signal the viewer to imagine the feel of the subject.

Capturing and conveying the characteristics of texture in a two-dimensional media challenges the photographer in many ways. How do you show the viewer the feel of a surface? When photographed successfully, texture stimulates two senses in tandem for a collective experience. Textures can captivate the viewer with intrigue and awe.

Created by nature, by hand or machine. Macro or from a distance. Abstract or defined. In colour or monochrome. We challenged Ontario photographers to capture “textures” for this year’s SPARK Photo Festival Juried Exhibit theme.

Visit the YMCA Balsillie Family Branch in Peterborough April 1st to 30th to view the Top 25 print exhibit.

Award Winners will be announced at the SPARK Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony, Sunday April 7.
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Scroll down to view the 2024 Texture "SPARK Selects" virtual exhibit.

SPARK Themed Juried Exhibit Texture

YMCA Balsillie Family Branch
123 Aylmer Street South
Phone (705) 748 9642

Mon to Fri: 6 am to 9 pm
Sat & Sun: 7 am to 5:30 pm

Opening Reception and Juried Awards Event:
Sunday, April 7, 2 pm to 4 pm
YMCA Balsillie Family Branch, Peterborough
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2024 SPARK Photo Festival Juried Exhibit Acknowledgements

2024 Juried Committee:

  • Allen Rothwell - Chair
  • Heather Doughty
  • Jennifer MacKenzie

2024 Jurors:
Charles van den Ouden, Isabel Veldhuis, Ash Nayler

Thank you to our jury of professionals for lending your expertise to the SPARK Photo Festival. Read more about our talented jurors on the
Meet the Jury page.

Thank you to:
our host venue YMCA Balsillie Family Branch



Print Partner

View the 2024 Texture "SPARK Selects" virtual exhibit! There were more than 200 images submitted and only 25 are in the print exhibit so here's a selection of bonus images for you to enjoy.
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