TAS Grade 12 Film Photography – Ashburnham Ale House 2023

Thomas S. Stewart Secondary School: Grade 12 Film Photography

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TAS Grade 12 Film Photography

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Thomas S. Stewart Secondary School
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TAS Grade 12 Film Photography Student Group

Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School

The grade 12 Darkroom Photography course at TAS provides students with an incredible learning opportunity. Film has an inherently romantic quality to it. For most students, a roll of film with its finite number of exposures, is a challenge and a discovery.

Film is tactile and the act of development is filled with suspense, mystery, and revelation. Developing your own film is its own kind of magic. In an age of widespread digital photography, the opportunity to create physical images is often a revelation.

In our program, students gain hands-on practice with 35mm film cameras as well as traditional and experimental darkroom techniques, while learning about photography as a fine art medium. They master basic camera operation and discover the magic of photographic seeing through framing and composition. The darkroom provides students with opportunities to further explore how light and shadow reveal a subject as they experiment with contrast and learn techniques such as dodging and burning.

The photographs on exhibit are the culmination of the knowledge students have gained coupled with the opportunities for experimentation that students have engaged with this semester.

Educator: Margaret Mitchell

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